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What is MyButler? See a multimedia clip about MyButler

MyButler ( is the Butler University web portal. It provides easy, direct access to university services and information. MyButler enables common university processes — such as course registration, student grades, student antivirus software, and advisement — allowing students, staff and faculty to work more efficiently.

Logging in to MyButler See a multimedia clip about MyButler

To login to the MyButler web portal, follow the steps below:

  1. From a computer connected to the Internet, open Internet Explorer (6.x on Windows) or Safari (1.2 on Macintosh) and go to

    Tip: 'www' is not needed - in fact, it will not work.

  2. Enter your Butler username and password and click the 'Sign In' button.

    Your Butler username is the first part of your Butler email address - without the ''

    Note: other browsers like Firebird, or Opera may work but are not supported.

The MyButler home page:

After you log in, you are presented with the MyButler home page:

Customize Content and Layout

The layout of this page can be customized and you can add features such as the campus directory, weather, dictionary, and others. To customize the layout and content, follow these steps:

  1. At the top left of the window, underneath the Butler University logo, are two links: 'Customize the look of this tab page: Content | Layout'

    Tip: You may need to click the home link at the top of the page to see these links.
  2. Use the Contents link to change or add content to My Butler. Follow the directions on screen.
  3. Use the Layout link to change the layout of the page (two-panel or three panel layout, for example.) Follow the directions on screen.

The Enterprise Menu

The Enterprise Menu on the left contains links to your personal data, registration, your schedules, grades, unofficial transcripts, etc. To use the menu, click an item (like Self Service) so it expands and the links drop down below it.

To access links in each category, click the purple arrow so that items in the category drop down.

  The Enterprise Menu:
My Favorites - currently not functional - stay tuned for more information.
Campus Life - contains links to campus sites like DawgNet and SGA.
Academic Tools - currently contains links to Blackboard and the Library.
Employment - contains links to Career Service, Cooperative Education, D.C. Internships, etc.
Help - contains links to MyButler Help.
Self Service - contains the Student Center link, where you'll find your personal, academic and financial information.

Getting Help

To get help using MyButler, visit the MyButler Student Help site.


Click Help and then click MyButler Student Help.

A new window will open (see below). Choose from the different categories:

Academics, MyButler Tips, Registration, Financial Aid, Personal Data, and Student Accounts


Use the Search function at the upper right to find what you need. For example, type in hold to find topics related to holds.


Online Self Service Registration

To enroll in classes using the MyButler portal you need:

  1. To know your enrollment appointment time,
  2. Your advisor to remove the advising hold,
  3. To know what classes you want,
  4. Permission numbers for classes where you do not meet the pre-reqs or closed classes (consult your advisor for help and see this FAQ for information about Class Persmission Numbers).

Follow the steps below.

  1. Login to as described above.
  2. Click Self Service , then click Student Center.
  3. The Student Center appears:

  4. To begin registration, click the Add a Class link. The Add Classes page appears:

    Note: Make sure the semester is correct. (In this case it's Spring 2007.) If not, choose the correct term from the Select Term dropdown and click the Change button..

  5. To enroll in classes, either enter the 4-digit Class Nbr (found in the printed Schedule of Classes) in the text box or click the Search button to initiate a search.

    The Search button brings up the Search for Classes page:

    The class search process requires that you at least know the subject area code for the class.

    The subject area code is usually two characters - like SP for Spanish or CH for Chemistry. Other not-so-easy subject areas are ID for Change & Tradition; MDA for Media Arts.

    To look up a subject area, click the Select Subject button. A list of subject are codes appear. Click the code for the class you want.

    If you know the class' catalog number, enter it into the Course Number field.

    Note: The course number is the three-digit number that comes after the subject area when we commonly refer to a class - like SP 102 - SP is the subject area and 102 is the course number.

    You can also search by Instructor Last Name or Class Days. Click on the Additional Search Criteria link to use other criteria.

    Once you have specified the search criteria, click the button. The Class Search Results page will appear. To add the class, click the button.

    Clicking on the button brings up a confirmation screen, where you can enter a permission number, if necessary. Click Next to proceed.

  6. Your course is added to your Enrollment Shopping Cart.

    Note: You can continue searching and add all of your classes to the grid and submit once or you can add classes to the grid one at a time and submit after each one.
  7. When you're ready to finish enrolling, click the button. You'll have one final chance to confirm your class choices before you finish enrolling.

  8. Click the button and you will see the View Results page. For each class, you will see either a green check mark for success or a red for an error next to each class in the Status column.

    Each error displays a message explaining what the problem is. In this case, the attempted class enrollment would have conflicted with the time of an already enrolled class. You can click the Fix Errors button to return to your shopping cart and to make changes.

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